Chicken soup with cream 350g | 20 LEI

Beef soup 350g | 25 LEI

Tripe soup 350g | 25 LEI

Vegetables soup 350g | 18 LEI

Creamy mushroom soup 350g | 20 LEI

Creamy pea soup with mint 350g | 20 LEI

Creamy salmon soup with red fish roe 350g | 30 LEI

Mediterranean platter (for two person) 600g | 70 LEI
Halloumi cheese, mini Mozzarella, Parmesan, assorted Italian cold cuts, rocket, dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes and olives

Cheese platter (for two person) 450g | 60 LEI
Emmentaler, Parmesan, blue cheese, Camembert, smoked cheese, mini Mozzarella, Cherry tomatoes, dried fruits, grapes, walnuts

Upside caprese salad 350g | 32 LEI
Mozzarella, mango, rocket, dried tomatoes

Caesar salad with chicken breast and poached egg 350g | 36 LEI
mixed salad, blue cheese sauce, croutons

Smoked salmon tartare 200g | 55 LEI
cream cheese, avocado, red onion, capere

Tuna with black rice salad 150/150g | 60 LEI

Main course
Shanghai chicken 150/150g | 42 LEI

Chicken curry 250g/150g | 36 LEI
rice, oriental spices, coconut milk, ginger, anise

Camembert and pistachio stuffed chicken 150g/100g/200g | 45 LEI
rice with Parmesan cheese, apple sauce, ginger

Goat cheese stuffed pork loin 200g/200g | 65 LEI
bacon, potato risotto, vegetables, caramelised beetroot, gorgonzola sauce, herbs

Pork Upside 200g/150g/100g | 50 LEI
potatoes with Feta cheese, baked vegetables, pickles with sweet and sour sauce

Pan seared shrimps with vegetables and black rice 150g/150g | 62 LEI

Salmon on a bed of potatoes 130g/150g | 78 LEI
potatoes flavoured with oriental spices, rice noodles

Tuna steak 150g/150g/100g | 75 LEI
baby spinach, pea purée

Duck confit 150g/200g | 78 LEI
truffled mashed potatoes, red cabbage, apple sauce

Duck breast with coffee sauce 150g/150g | 85 LEI
sautéed asparagus, black rice

Tagliata di manzo 270g | 70 LEI
Cherry tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan flakes

Beef tenderloin steak with goat cheese 200g/200g/50g | 120 LEI
wild rice, peach sauce with ginger

Beef tenderloin with foie gras 200g/150g/50g | 140 LEI
mashed sweet potatoes, caramelised beetroot, onion marmalade

Charolaise beef rib-eye with asparagus 150g/200g | 130 LEI

Salmon pappardelle 350g | 60 LEI
zucchini, sour cream

Shrimp Tagliatelle 400g | 52 LEI

Spaghetti carbonara 350g | 32 LEI
bacon, ham, garlic, egg, sour cream

Mushroom risotto 350g | 38 LEI
Parmesan and chives

Baked Halloumi with Cherry tomatoes 300g | 42 lei

Ratatouille à la provençale 300g | 18 LEI
tomatoes, zucchini, pepper, onion, carrot, eggplant

Crème brûlée with lady fingers 220g | 23 LEI
vanilla sauce, forest fruits sauce

Homemade ice cream 150g/30g | 15 LEI
vanilla, lime and chocolate ice cream, forest fruit sauce

Lava cake 200g | 20 LEI
dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce

White chocolate souffle 200g | 18 LEI
homemade ice cream, salted caramel sauce

Poppy cream and sour cherry pancakes 200g | 15 LEI

Side dishes and salads 150g
French fries | 8 LEI

Potato chips | 6 LEI

Traditional potatoes | 10 LEI

Baked marinated vegetables | 12 LEI

Basmati rice with parmesan | 15 LEI

Sautèed mushrooms | 10 LEI

Pickles salad | 7 LEI

Seasonal salad | 8 LEI

Green salad with lemon | 6 LEI

Cabbage salad | 6 LEI

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