About us

Upside Restaurant

Surprising tastes arrive at Upside. Our chefs are continually researching ingredients and spices and how they come together. Although passionate about the science of cooking, they are guided by instinct and passion, adopting an eclectic style on plates. Open to the cultures that visit us, each guest serves as our inspiration, every discussion inside the restaurant sparks the restaurant’s oven fire.


Innovation is the power that keeps the stove fire lit. Upside aims to bring something new all the time, to contribute to the development of local gastronomy and culture.


Upside envisions its plates empty and tables full of diverse people, offering a continuous stream of ideas and recipes.


“More”, in the Upside context, is something additional to the ordinary, something that surprises you. The basics remain the freshness and quality of products, to which the charm of novelty is added.

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